60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 3X9
Tel: 902-543-4651 Fax: 902-543-6876
Emergency After Hours Tel: 902-543-5142

Fire Inspections

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The Town of Bridgewater employs municipal fire inspectors as required by the Fire Safety Act of Nova Scotia. The inspectors carry out a system of inspections on the following occupancies:

  1. Assembly occupancies (churches, community halls, licensed establishments, restaurants, theatres, bowling alleys, arenas, rinks, gymnasiums, museums, indoor pools)
  2. Residential occupancies containing 4 or more dwelling units (apartments, motels, hotels)
  3. Business and personal service occupancies (offices, banks and service shops)
  4. Mercantile occupancies (stores, markets and retail outlets)
  5. Industrial occupancies ( workshops, factories, warehouses, repair garages, gas stations)

The inspectors are responsible to ensure compliance with the National Fire Code of Canada and are available to provide information on fire safety and fire emergency planning.


The National Fire Code of Canada requires that certain buildings shall develop and maintain a Fire Safety Plan. In an effort to assist owners/occupants in the development and/or maintenance of these plans, the Office of the Fire Inspector for the Town of Bridgewater has prepared a Fire Safety Planning Guide. Building owners/occupants are encouraged to use this guide as a template to prepare or enhance their plans so that they meet the requirements of the Fire Code.

The following occupancies are required to have a formal fire safety plan:

  1. Assembly occupancies(any building in which persons gather including restaurants, halls, gymnasiums, libraries, churches, clubs, bowling alleys);
  2. Every building required to have a fire alarm system including sprinklered buildings;
  3. Areas used for bulk storage;
  4. Areas where flammable or combustible liquids are stored or handled;
  5. Areas where hazardous processes or operations occur.

If your building falls within one of the categories listed above, you are required to have a fire safety plan. For more information or to obtain a hard copy of our fire safety planning guide, please call or visit the Fire Inspector at: Engineering Department, 60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater  Tel: 902-541-4370

The Fire Safety Plan 2016 is available below: 

document Fire Safety Guide and Template 2019 (205 KB) (MS Word document)

pdf Fire Safety Guide and Template 2019 (298 KB)  (PDF document)