60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater, NS, B4V 3X9
Tel: 902-543-4651 Fax: 902-543-6876
Emergency After Hours Tel: 902-543-5142


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For the convenience of our customers, the Town of Bridgewater has implemented a number of different alternatives for paying your bills.

  • Use your bank's internet or telephone banking system to pay your bills online.


cibc30  CIBC - "Bridgewater Town Water"  - full 10 digit account #

rbc logo30  ROYAL BANK - "Bridgewater NS (Town of) Water" - full 10 digit account #

bmo mobile60  BMO - "Bridgewater - Water Bill" - full 10 digit account #

SCOTIA LOGO  SCOTIA BANK - "Bridgewater (Town) Water" - full 10 digit account #

TD28  TD CANADA TRUST - "Bridgewater Water" - full 10 digit account #

telpaylogo2013 TELEPAY (Credit Union) - "Bridgewater PSC, Town of" - full 10 digit account #



cibc30  CIBC - "Bridgewater Town Taxes" - full 8 digit account #

rbc logo30  ROYAL BANK - "Bridgewater NS (Town) Taxes" - full 8 digit account #

bmo mobile60  BMO - "Town of Bridgewater Tax" - full 8 digit account #

SCOTIA LOGO  SCOTIA BANK- ""Bridgewater (Town) Taxes" - full 8 digit account #

TD28  TD CANADA TRUST - "Bridgewater Tax" - Full 8 digit Account #

telpaylogo2013TELEPAY (Credit Union) - "Bridgewater Taxes, Town of" - full 8 digit account #

  •  Pay your bill at any bank in Canada by taking your top portion of your bill to the bank. (bank charges may apply), or via bank wire transfers (Please allow 3 business days to ensure payment is processed before the due date)

  • Use your debit card, cash, cheque, or money order when paying in person (60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater).

  • Leave your payments in a secure drop box located to the right of the front(main) entrance of the Town Hall Building.

  • Mail your cheque or money order payment to the:

Town of Bridgewater
60 Pleasant Street
Bridgewater NS           B4V 3X9


The Town of Bridgewater/Public Service Commission of Bridgewater do not offer the option of paying tax or water bills using a credit card, due to the merchant discount costs associated with these payments. However, you are able to use a third-party service provider that offers additional payment methods, including credit cards. The only provider that offers the credit card method at this time is listed below for your convenience. Third-party providers charge a fee for their service and may offer promotional rates from time to time. The Town of Bridgewater/Public Service Commission do NOT receive any part of this service fee.

Avoid Late Fees - If you pay today, the transfer will typically take place within two to three days. However, you may encounter additional delays. Please contact the third-party service provider for more information. The municipality may charge you interest if your payment is late.

Tax Payments
Pay on Card
Water Payments
Pay on Card

Tax bills for the first installment shall be mailed before the last working day in April of each year and Tax bills for the second installment shall be mailed before the last working day in August of each year.

Taxes shall be paid in two installments, the first installment shall be due not later than the last working day in May of each year and the second installment shall be due not later than the last working day in September of each year.



The Town of Bridgewater is pleased to provide our customers with the ability to pay their bills via a pre-authorized payment plan.

PDF document downloadThe application form for our Tax/Water Installment Prepayment Plan (TIPP/UIPP) is available for download (PDF) by pdf Clicking Here (57 KB) .  Please complete the attached form and return it to The Town of Bridgewater, 60 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater NS B4V 3X9 or e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Property owners are responsible to ensure that their address is correct with Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC). If you have not received a tax bill contact us at 902-541-4360 or assessment notice  contact PVSC at 1-800-380-7775. Be sure to have the assessment number for each property for proper identification. Also, please contact our Tax Department, 902-541-4360, to get your balance owing and make arrangements for payment. You should note, that even if you do not receive your tax bill, you are still responsible for the payment of your taxes

E-billling will soon be available.



Parking Tickets can be paid at the front(main) counter of the Town Hall (60 Pleasant Street) or can be paid via credit card by calling 902-543-4651.  All other tickets are paid at the Bridgewater Court House located on High Street.