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Tax Rates & Billing

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  • Residential Tax Rate for 2018-2019- $1.65 per $100 of Assessment

  • Commercial Tax Rate for 2018-2019- $3.97 per $100 of Assessment

  • Mulitpurpose Tax Rate for 2018-2019 - $0.06 per $100 of Assessment


SEWER RATE:** the new rates for 2018-2019 are as follows:

Residential: 1st UNIT: $ 305.50                           EACH ADDITIONAL UNIT: $133.85 

Commerical: 1st UNIT $ 648.90                          EACH ADDITIONAL UNIT: $381.80

Hotels/Motels/Hospitals: 1st Unit $648.90          EACH ADDITIONAL UNIT:  $42.90

PDF document download32x Sewer By-Law (click here to view by-law)   ** Please note that the new version of this by-law will be uploaded to the site soon.

PDF document download Deed Transfer Tax   (Click Here to view by-law) - 1.50 % effective June 1, 2018.

Town of Bridgewater tax and water bill payments must be received by the Town Office by the due date to avoid applicable interest charges. If you are paying by mail or through your bank, please allow enough time for your payment to reach the Town Office by the due date. Interest will not be adjusted if received by the Town after the due date. We encourage you to pay your tax and water bills by the due dates to avoid our collection procedures.
Interim tax bills for approximately half the year's taxes will be mailed in April, due the Last day of May. The final bill for the year will be billed in August, due the end of September.

The interest rate is 1% per month (12% annually) and will be charged the first day of every month that the account is in arrears

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR CURRENT TAX BILL OR HAVE RECENTLY BOUGHT A NEW HOME, PLEASE CONTACT THE TAX OFFICE AT 902-541-4360 OR BY This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.